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Welcome to the BSAC North West Region

Our aim is to support clubs, centres, and BSAC direct members in the north west region.

To assist in this goal we will be running regional skill development courses and assisting with the co-ordination of events supporting clubs and centres in the region. We aim to help clubs and centres to fill their own diver training activities, whether this is skill development courses, special events or dive trips, to the benefits of all BSAC members in the region.

We try to ensure that every event advertised runs, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this happens. please do book on courses early but do not book any accommodation prior to confirmation of course taking place.

Many thanks, your support by booking early will ensure that courses can run!!!

Mark Paisey - North West Regional Coach
Mark Paisey
Regional Coach

“The North West Region is a great region, its active and offers many opportunities for all levels of diver development and training. Following in Maria Harwood's footsteps is a little daunting but with a strong team around me we are able to continue to support the clubs, centres and divers in the North West region.“

The North West Region has 98 clubs and 5 centres plus an expanding number of BSAC Direct members. We are keen to build inter-club, inter-centre and inter-member co-operation in the BSAC North West Region, so here you will find an online calendar that has been created so that everyone can better co-ordinate their events for maximum turn out.

The online nature will help us to connect with all club and direct members allowing everyone to access events and for the first time, as well as engage with BSAC Centres within the region.

   Diver Training - North West Regional Coach   Diver Training - North West Regional Coach   Diver Training - North West Regional Coach

Technical Diving - North West Regional CoachTechnical Diving - North West Regional Coach
Technical Diving
To help address the technical diving and its increasing popularity the region will offer a managed path to open circuit "Explorer Mixed Gas" starting with the Buoyancy and Trim workshop and culminating in a technical expedition over the summer of 2017 for new technical divers. These events can now be found in the calendars as well as on the regions skill development course programme of events page.

John T Barton- Regional Skill Development Course Organiser
John T Barton
Regional Skill Development Course Organiser

I'm new to diving. I only started 9 years, I have recently achieved the grade of BSAC Advanced Diver as well as becoming an Open Water Instructor. I love diving, and have dived all round the world. My passion for diving means I encouraging others to go diving, after all, over two thirds of the planet we live on is made up of water, so let's get everyone explore more of it.

If I can help in any way, whether its booking you onto a course or assisting promoting an in house course or event or inter-club course, please don't hesitate to get in contact me.