Technical Diving

To help address the technical diving and its increasing popularity the region will offer a managed path to open circuit “Explorer Mixed Gas” starting with the Buoyancy and Trim workshop and culminating in a technical expedition over the summer of 2017 for new technical divers. These events can now be found in the calendars as well as on the regions skill development course programme of events page.

Side Mount

Over recent years side mount has been gaining in popularity and no longer rates a second glance as seeing people diving side mount is common place whatever the diving venue. BSAC recognise side mount as one of three twin set configurations and it is, therefore, an option when taking courses such as the twin set course, accelerated decompression procedures and the open circuit mixed gas courses. Side mount makes technical diving, or just extended bottom times, accessible to those who don’t want to lug a twin set around and what more, it’s thoroughly enjoyable!